Endless Endless

by Jackets

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released October 23, 2014

Engineered and mixed by Mackenzie Jordan at The White Barn
Additional mixing and mastering by Dave Houde

Produced by Jackets 2014

Sandy Martin - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Vukovich - Vocals, Bass
Mackenzie Jordan - Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Hernandez - Drums
Steve Lavery - Keyboards on tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10

Album artwork is a painted rendering of a stained glass work by Mark Stine, 1974. Painting by Mackenzie Jordan.



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Jackets Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: (I Am Only) Just A Man
Leaves toss in the winter wind
Cars and the people pass by
She was nothing in the end
A phone and a green pair of eyes
I had just told her, we'll do things your way
And she trembled under my skin
There was no choice involved, I had no say
I take back the things that I did

I am only just a man

Fog out in the air tonight
People all breathing out clouds
She walks by in a haze of blue white
Stealing her eyes to the sounds
She had the same lips and she wore the same coat
As she did when I went away
Never thought I'd see her, was so long ago
I didn't know what to say

I am only just a man

And I don't need your sympathy
You know I'm just goin' through some things
I think it's best if we don't talk
What do you think

I am only just a man
Track Name: Make Me An Offer
Go ahead make me an offer
I'm open to an interesting trade
I can't afford kicking the habit
I always wanna give it away
When I think of the future
Hell it ain't what it used to be
It ain't quite what I pictured
When I was young and at work on a dream

Turning back to check out the answer
It's always on the very last page
So when Johnny fell in love with a dancer
I knew that I could steal her away
Cause I get what I came for
And I know what I wanna see
I get more than I paid for
Got my lines all down to a tee

Whoa we can make it
Whoa take me down
Where they play so you can feel it
It ain't just in the sound
Whoa take me down
Track Name: Meet Me On the Border
Meet me on the border, Twelfth Street and Vine
Meet me on the corner, you can have me anytime
If you have any sympathy you'll take your pity out on me and meet me

Meet me on the border, I want you everywhere
I don't have anything for you, run your hands through my hair
Honey honey where you been, I only wanna feel your skin meet me

Meet me, meet me...

Well everybody seems to have somethin'
Somethin' to keep 'em low down
Honey you know I got nothin'
Won't you meet me tonight and tie me down

I wanna hold you, honey hush me now
I wanna be Joe Turner, pullin' the plow
Honey you're so far above me I know you been thinkin' of me, meet me
Track Name: Ain't No People
Ain't no people comin' round
To pick the flowers off the ground
Ain't no people coming down
Soon we're gonna find us common ground

Ain't no people throwing stones
And everyone catching up on their loans
Ain't no people breaking bones
Soon we're gonna make this place our home

Feels like things'll be different than they used to be
Ain't no need to put it down
You're coming up when I'm coming down
Can't you see what I mean this ain't no place to be proud
I do now

Ain't no people paying fines
For taking a step towards crossing the line
Ain't no people wasting time
Soon we're gonna take down all the signs
Track Name: Just As Well
It seems my reputation precedes me
Won't you come let me in
Don't care about no suspicions or hear say
Let 'em think what they will

Rewrite the ending of every story you tell
Don't have to be true, it's all just as well

I see that same old look in your eye now
Like you're waiting on me
Let's take off to the alley by the station
Or down James Street
Track Name: Alright Already
You been lying in my bed, chewing your Clorets
Putting on your perfume smoking Camel cigarettes
It's getting late, let's go on, out and on the town
Or we'll stay in and drink some wine while we fool around

Alright already

I hear your footsteps echo out in the night, all the way to your front door
I hear the whisper of the heat in the pipes, lately I been here anymore
And more... you got big long hair, you got dirt on your feet
You got my heart all wrapped up
You got a house on the hill and you're smarter than me
But I love all that stuff

What am I gonna do when your car breaks down and I need a ride
We got a mutual friend to complain about down on the South East side
And it ain't the way that you mix your words or the way that you clench your teeth
It's something about the way you hold my hand when you talk to me